Frequently Asked Questions


  • Does it cost anything to list my property with Atlanta Locations?
    No. It costs absolutely nothing. Simply go to the Submit Your Property page and send pictures of your property.
  • Can I email you pictures of my property?
    No, please fill out our simple form on the Submit Your Property page.  It helps us keep everything organized and prevents our email from getting bogged down with large images.
  • Can you come out and take pictures of my property?
    We do offer a service in which we come to your home, take professional photos, edit the pictures and upload them to our library. You'll also receive the photos we take on a disc so you can share them with other scouts and location libraries. These pictures are also great to have when it comes time to sell your property! Contact us if you have additional questions about this service.
  • How does it work if someone wants to use my property for a project?
    We will contact you with the specifics about the project including how much it pays, size of the crew, type of shoot, dates and other pertinent information. You can either choose to allow use of your property or you can decline. You are not obligated to accept any project.  
  •  Do you promote my property when I list with you?
    No. Producers usually come to us with a well formed idea of what they are looking for. If what they're looking for matches your location, then we'll present it to them or they will find it while browsing through our library.
  •  Do you list locations outside of Metro Atlanta?
    Yes! Most of the work that we are contacted for focuses on Middle to North GA. However, we'll be happy to list your location if you're in South GA or a neighboring state.
  • How do I get paid for use of my location?
    You will be paid, in full, by the client on the day of the shoot.  
  • What is a "technical scout"?
    If you're property has been selected, the crew will often want to see your location prior to the day of the shoot. This usually occurs a day or two before the actual shoot day and typically doesn't take very long.
  • How do I protect myself?
    The client using your home should have a certificate of insurance with your name and property listed as insured. A standard liability policy is at least one million dollars. It's your responsibility to ensure that this certificate of insurance has been issued and that you have a copy for your records.