Show Carnival Smyrna Scout

Main Retail Space

The entire store is 11,700 sq ft. The main retail space is 50' x 158', for a total of 7900 sq ft. The walkway is 9' wide by 102' long. There is no wifi available and the only thing accessible via the Shoe Carnival connection is the Shoe Carnival website.


I was told that by the time the shoot occurs, this is where the boot section will be. This area is 21' (from walkway to wall) x 20' (shortest point of shoe rack to front window).


The stockroom is always this empty and quiet on Tuesdays, according to Danielle. The dimensions are 26' x 78' for a total of 2028 sq ft.

Bathroom/Office Area

This is an empty area that could be used for wardrobe or hair and makeup. There is a large area 23' x 47' (from backdoor to the wall.)

Back Alley

The back alley is wide enough to park an RV or couple of production trucks and still allow traffic by. 

Parking Lot

There is plenty or parking for crew and other vehicles. Danielle said that she would check to see if we need special permission from the management company but she doesn't think we do. She said that this is busier than it will likely be when you shoot. Everything is currently busy because of kids returning to school.