Page 2, Glass High-rise

Day 2

GA Gwinnett College

They seem very willing to work with us. Prefer the weekend because there will be much less traffic. 

Allied Health Building

Building B

Direction: North

The trees may not have leaves by the time you shoot.


Student Center

Direction South

The High Museum

Direction is facing the High from Peachtree Street. These were the pictures I was able to get before I met up with security. I have an appointment tomorrow to view the space with the new person in charge of special productions to see what may be available. 

The Alliance Theater

Perkins and Will

Direction: Northeast

This is another one that you sent via email. They've been film friendly in the past but in the last couple of years, don't seem to want to be bothered, however, since we're shooting outdoors and possibly not even on their property, it could work. 

Day 1

3455 Peachtree Road NE

Buckhead Church

Buckhead Grand


Terminus did not want me to shoot anything until they get, in writing, the specifics of the shoot. This was the place I thought of first when I saw the comp. Unfortunately, I can't find any pictures online of the non-retail side of the plaza. 

The Pinnacle