Terms of Use for the Location Library


Atlanta Locations is part of Brent Walker Creative, LLC. By accessing our location library you agree to the following:

1. You will not contact any property owner, either directly or inderectly, that is listed in our library without the consent of Atlanta Locations.

2. If you use one of our locations, you agree to have a minimum of one million dollars in liability insurance and will list the property owner/ property on a certificate of insurance that will be given to the property owner on the day of the shoot.

3. Atlanta Locations charges 20% of the location fee for any property that is in our library. For example, if you pay the property owner $2000 for the location fee, you will pay Brent Walker Creative, LLC $400. 

4. Payment to Brent Walker Creative, LLC is due prior to use of the property. Payment to the property owner is due on the day of the shoot. 

5. We're happy to do additional scouting for any property in our library and can provide a custom quote. 

6. We are also happy to help with permitting and other location management services but that is not part of the fee described in line #3. Let us know if you need help and we can provide a custom quote for your project. 

7. Please note that photos in our location library are presented as a courtesy to provide creative ideas and reference and may not necessarily reflect actual current aesthetic or availability status. Because of possible alterations and changes to properties we suggest that a "tech scout" or "walk through" on the property be done prior to the day of your shoot. 

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